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Mobile Solutions for Housing Problems

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Shelter is as much a necessity as it is a right. When families are displaced by disaster, or when you need to downgrade to mobile living, connect with US Mobile Solutions in Rocky Mount & Pinetops, NC. We're a veteran-owned tiny home construction company, and our owner has 15+ years of industry experience. We know how to handle high-stress situations and what kinds of shelters should be provided for certain situations. Our homes come with electricity, HVAC, water and other necessities. Whether you need a disaster shelter, tiny home or custom RV, you can rest assured you'll be more than satisfied with our craftsmanship.

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We build reliable shelters

The portable housing we provide is reliable and of excellent quality. Our options include:

You can customize any of our shelters to your exact specifications. We’ll begin the tiny home construction process by providing detailed and modifiable floor plans. Our portable housing options can be easily transported and will be shipped or delivered to you upon completion.

Our homes are meant for disaster relief and mobile living

We originally designed our portable housing options for disaster relief. We work with NGOs like Red Cross and United Way to provide shelter for those displaced from their homes. We have extensive experience in customized tiny home construction for off-the-grid living as well.

Trust us to provide you with the shelter you need. Get in touch with our company today to set up a free consultation. Be sure to ask about our military discount.