We're Here to Help When Disaster Strikes

Providing emergency disaster shelters in Rocky Mount, NC and surrounding areas

Disaster is something that we must always be prepared for. US Mobile Solutions offers portable shelters and emergency disaster shelters that are shipped from Rocky Mount, NC and surrounding areas. Our portable shelters can be used as rental or purchased units for those displaced from their homes.

We have the technology necessary to put running and drinkable water into these units. Our water services can be scaled up or down to provide drinking water for the desired number of occupants. We can also put power and other livable features into these homes upon request.

Call 704 -798-6588 to order a portable shelter from us today. You can also schedule a time for a free consultation to get a free estimate.

Our shelters are perfect for nonprofits

Our emergency disaster shelters can benefit a variety of industries, including:

  • Nonprofits
  • Federal institutions
  • State institutions
We can ship any of our shelters to you. They can come in shipping containers or trailers or be completely self-contained. Our shelters are perfect for off-the-grid living and can come with heat, HVAC and other amenities. You can also further customize your shelter to serve as a bunker.

Reach out to us to learn more about our emergency disaster shelters.

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